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Backup solutions
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Craig's Computers offer many solutions for all your backup requirements, from configuring an automated backup system to an external hard drive to storing your data on a separate Network Attached Storage Device. Anything of value should always be stored in a minimum of two places; hence it is extremely important to always have at least two copies of all of your data – photos, documents, spreadsheets, MYOB and all accounting program data among other files of importance. Please feel free to contact Craig's Computers for the perfect, easy solution to your personal or business backup needs. We often see people buying cheap external hard drives, move all of their important photos and data on to it, then lament when it inevitably dies.

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We specialise in one-on-one consultations and strategies for either sole traders, small companies or the home user. We customise each new system to the individuals needs and take an approach that will help future proof your life/business where technology is concerned. We take into account what each person requires ie. Zoom calls to family, working from home, high end gaming, graphic design or basic data entry. The options are endless. We use only reliable, high quality components, so a Craig's Computers system performs without the frustrating conflicts and expensive 'down-time' that results from the use of cheap, inferior parts often included in budget machines. When you purchase a new system from Craig's Computers, you know what you are getting; you know you are going to find all your documents, photos, music, email, addresses, favourites etc where you expect to find them.

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